A lost art, awaiting rediscovery!

Elegance is an attitude of style, finesse, even civility.  One is not born with elegance no matter how elegant the birth environment.  The next chapter of my life will consist of improving my skills in elegantry. 

Why?  Elegance demands grace under fire, etiquette to entertain royalty, humility to dine with the lowly, and politesse to speak calmly to one’s adversary, expressing thoughts and ideas clearly, convincingly, while preserving dignata.  Elegance embraces and implements decorum and harnesses vulgarity and crass.  It requires beauty of the soul, understanding of human relations, and humbleness of heart. 

One arrayed in beautiful, expensive garb acting out decorum but falls short of humility and understanding of human relationships is a villanous imposter whose self-centeredness is telegraphed a mile away as she approaches.  Another dressed modestly and of limited means but is pure of heart performing decorum most elegantly can inspire and influence even the angels in heaven.

Elegance forgives wrong and gracefully upholds truth, for without it, elegance tarnishes and fades away.  Elegance belongs to the matured and cultured, to the learned—street and book—to the lifetime student seeking to give and receive the very best in life.  Youth frolic in showy display of pageantry sparkled with wine and stars.  Wine and stars bow down to the soul polished elegance of the aged, wise for embracing life’s lessons made with bold sacrifice, and always revealing truth.

I’ll know I’ve arrived when I can look at another non-judgementally with a heart to serve, converse in respectful tones seeking understanding, and walk patiently, gracefully with firm shoulders load-free of guilt and resentment.  Cleanliness of body and mind would be reflected in my appearance—well groomed and well spoken without a spiteful tongue.  Above all the crown of elegance would display a committed discipline to guard one’s mind and body of all negativity.  Hence, a wholesome and healthy woman emerges.

Elegance bearing the torch of all that is good and beautiful in life would be a lasting tribute to a life lived imperfectly, but with a well intentioned heart seeking truth and understanding, and life lessons humbly learned.

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