A Milepost

First 100 Hits! 

It is Saturday, October 24, 2009 around 11:15 AM West Coast time.  WomenNewDefinitions.WordPress.com has 100 hits.  Congratulations!

 Thank you, WordPress.com!  You have made it easier for the world to read an aspirant writer’s work. 

 Thank you to my readers and “clickers on the go” for dropping in just out of curiosity and then returning throughout the week for quick visits.  Many of you are acquaintances and friends who have responded very favorably through direct e-mail.  It would be great if you would click “leave a comment” at the bottom of the page and enter your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback.

 As I am finding my niche and designing the page, my posts are articles written and filed away for many years, which I’ve edited for relevancy.  My target audience is the female population because my writings describe  transitions of a woman’s life.  There are flashbacks of growing up on a farm in Hawaii, relationship with my children, women working with women, public policy effecting women and children, and especially my spiritual journey, all being edited for future posting. However, many articles and posts reflect global thoughts and ideas, and it would thrill me to know that men also enjoy reading my blog.

 The few who have read my writings in the past have continually encouraged me to publish–especially my older sister Liz, who was the 100 hit!  Perhaps someday there will be an interested publisher.  For now, however, the first 100 who have hit my blog are my virtual friends and audience. 

 Thank you!

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